Introducing our sister company Skill-Stone Limited, a trusted name in Masonry Restoration, Proud Craftsman of our Trade.

A family run company, for over 20 years with high standard of Client relations with Network Rail, Local and Country Wide Authorities.

Cleaning Services   
  • Specialist systems , including the  “DOFF” cleaning system, Dry Blasting & Sat Blasting.
  • Graffiti & Paint removal.
Master of Masonry, Stonework, brickwork and concrete restoration
  • Craftsman in restoration of Grade Listed/Heritage Buildings.
  • Traditional Lime re-pointing with specialized finishing.
  • Brick work repairs (Helical Brick Stitching), Brick tinting rejuvenating tired brickwork.
Testing & Flooring
  • Traditional Tap-testing for Stone work.
  • Delamination testing suitable for concrete surfaces.
  • Schmidt Hammer testing for concrete surfaces.
  • Wessex Anti Slip Pendulum Testing , used for grading most flooring surfaces for high risk  slip factors.
  • Anti-Slip Flooring Solutions for problem areas of high risk Slip factors.
Casting Production Stone

Molding bespoke stonework, traditional pieces and much more.

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